“Buzz Wire” Games

WiFi Buzz GameWe can produce electronic buzz wire games to your specification. Whether it be the simple traditional buzz-only version or an all singing and dancing model, we can offer a solution to suit every budget.

Features we can incorporate into our games are:

  • Count up/down LED time displays
  • “Best Time” / “Time to Beat” LED display
  • Number of “lives” remaining LED display
  • Number of “lives” remaining illuminated graphics
  • Up to 8 different MP3 sound effects
  • The ability to link multiple games to produce a competitive group game.Southport Buzz Game

We can work along side you to fit the game into your own housing (as we did for the WiFi themed game pictured left),

or we can build the complete unit (see the “S for Southport” game to the right).


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Note; certain sizes may only be available in certain digit combinations.