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The home of the original “Kentucky” Derby.

Roll a Ball Ltd is a small manufacturing company based in the north west of England.

Our aim is to provide the amusement and event industries with the best Roll-A-Ball Derby games that money can buy.

Our in-depth knowledge in design, build and operating derby race games, a knowledge that spans 4 decades, makes us first in the field when it comes to all things derby!

So do you have an old derby game which needs replacing with a new one? Are you new to the concept of the derby and wish to reap the financial rewards in owning your own game?  Take a look around our site to find out how we can help you.

Our expertise doesn’t just stop there; as much as we would love to supply you with a new product, If your game simply requires a bit of TLC to get it back into full working order, search our online shop for spare parts or use our contact form to obtain help with any problems that your game may have.