Why buy from us?


Our arcade style games are designed and hand built in England by skilled engineers, the same engineers who worked alongside the designers of the original Kentucky Derby game; Arthur Helm and Stuart Keane. We have based our derby around their original design, using the same proven and reliable electrified track system to propel the race characters along the track. We are the ONLY company in the world to use this method, which means we are also the only company able to offer FULLY animated racing characters, an essential feature for drawing in the crowds.

The Roll A Ball Derby is available from 6 to 24 play positions, meaning that there is a size suitable for any location.

Constructed around a solid, anodised aluminium framework, our products are designed to outlive the competition, essential in the harsh environment that most games are located in.

TablesHard wearing laminate faces in a choice of colours, make up the outer shell of our games, making them tough enough to withstand a battering from the young and the not so young!

Track Control UnitOur Derby Electronic Control system is simple and reliable, with self test features, error codes and circuit protection. It is based around standard electronic components, meaning repairs would be well within the capabilities of any amusement technician, but with Roll A Ball Ltd offering a 3 year guarantee on its circuit boards together with an advanced replacement service, they don’t need to!

Some of the features of our system include;

TablesBright eye-catching LEDs which illuminate the play tables at all times. Even when the game is idle, a colourful light display grasps the attention of your guests.

LED displays indicate player number, winner and error codes.

Up to 8 different tracks of MP3 audio can be set to play at various stages of the game via the built in amplifier and speaker system, or for even greater impact, it is possible to connect the game to your own PA System.

A traditional electro-mechanical bell is also included, used to signal the start and the end of a race if retro-only audio is preferred.

All game sensors are either optical or magnetic, meaning that there are no delicate switches to adjust or worry about.

Control BoxFully metered, electro-mechanical counters keep track of coins, operator awarded credits, total games and total players, while an operators control box includes an LCD display showing the status of the game at a glance.

User adjustable settings allow certain features to be turned on or off and game timings adjusted as required, and a wireless remote control keyfob means that the entire game can be controlled from as little as the push of a button even if the operator is not within reach of the control box.



A 3 year guarantee

Advance circuit board replacement

Lifetime technical help

UK based operation

A combination of 70 years derby building experience

…you can be sure that if your game ever does develop a fault, valuable down time will be reduced to an absolute minimum!

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