Customer Comments

Here you will find a selection of emails and messages sent to us from our satisfied customers. ‘Roll-a-Ball’ Ltd is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers and we welcome all your comments. We thank you in advance for any comments / suggestions you may make. Please use our contact form if you wish to get in touch.


“An Excellent Company”

“Roll a Ball is an excellent company that did a fabulous job.  Our new Camel’s race game is one of our best looking games and a top producer.  The quality of work is amazing.  If you are looking for a race game, Roll a Ball is the way to go!”

Denise Charpentier, Midway Manager, Circus Circus, Reno, USA (2018)

15 Player Camel Race

“Extremely Happy”

“We added the game recently and are extremely happy: not only performance-wise but
also the turnover developed to our complete satisfaction!”

Michael Mack, General Manager Europa Park (2015)

London Taxi and Bus Race

“Reliable, professional & accurate”

“Two years ago I purchased an Elton Derby game for my existing trailer game. I was extremely happy with the game apart from one or two quality shortcomings. The guys who installed the game (Carl Spencer and David Bridge) were, at the time, the heart of Elton. Since buying the game I have found out that Elton have moved to another country, which isn’t beneficial to me when it comes to buying spare parts.

Last year I discovered that Carl and David had left Elton to start their own company. I got in touch with them to see if they could help with my problems. Even though they no longer worked for Elton and weren’t responsible for the warranty I had been given, they agreed to fix my game. In April 2013, Carl and David came to see me in Switzerland. They replaced all the chipped and worn table parts with very high quality replacement parts, and even checked over all the electronics to make sure everything was in full working order. All the work done was to my complete satisfaction and the game now looks as though it has just come out of the factory.

From now on ‘roll-a-ball’ will get my full support. They are reliable, professional and accurate. I wish Carl and David a lot of success with their new company.

Margot Walser (2013)

Racing Pig Game

“Highly recommended”

“It came as a shock when I had word from Carl that he and 2 other employees of Elton Games had been put out of work! Two of the guys were employed by Arthur Helm & myself from when they left college, and they all have a wealth of experience in all technical aspects of the Derby.

I’m sure that they will provide excellent service for ‘roll-a-ball’ game owners as they are eager for their business to succeed. I can highly recommend these guys and I wish them every success”

Stuart Keane (2012)

Former Director Elton Fabrications